Green Initiative

Hume Media has for many years endorsed the “Going Green” corporate Philosophy in as many aspects of its operations as possible.

Hume is anFSC®-approved print provider.

This accreditation, in partnership with the Forest Stewardship Council®, means we are committed to helping maintain a steady, reliable, renewable supply of paper products now and well into the future.FSC® initiative certification involves more than simply using approved paper stocks. It is an entire production process which must meet strict standards for inventory control, documentation and materials wastage.

Our Xerox IGEN digital presses use dry ink toner that is non-toxic and does not generate hazardous waste. The dry ink is made of fine powders composed of plastics, colorants and small quantities of functional additives.

Hume’s green initiative continues with returning all empty toner bottles and cartridges back to Xerox for recycling and out of landfills. Our offset press inks are made of Linseed Oil (Flax) and preferable because the oil is a natural oxidizer, requiring less driers for superior drying results. All waste paper is collected in Bins and recycled weekly.

To lower Electrical and Natural Gas usage, Hume filters and recycles hot Exhaust air from its fleet of Digital presses during the winter months.

Hume’s green movement provides our clients greater opportunities to make ethical purchasing decisions illustrated by adding theFSC® logo to any compliant print project — a symbol and demonstration of our company’s strong commitment to environmental responsibility.