I Just Want Something Printed


Digital — We are the leaders!

Why is digital print revolutionary? Because it brings quality, speed and flexibility to projects that were once considered impractical or even impossible. Using digital print technology, direct marketing pieces can include customized variable text and images. Minimal setup time and environmental waste make even the smallest, most urgent projects viable. A wide variety of paper stock weights, textures and sizes are available. Digital print allows you to print only what you need, thereby reducing storage fees and wastage. Reprints of existing jobs are fast, easy and consistent. Whether you require high-speed black and white, striking full colour, or impressive large format output, Hume has an option that fits your needs.




Even traditional offset printing has benefited from the digital revolution. Computer control has made litho printing faster, more accurate and higher quality than ever before. Hume has also implemented direct-to-plate imaging throughout our entire offset workflow. The benefit? The complete elimination of the costly, time consuming and environmentally hazardous process of creating film. Removing this step has allowed us to make litho printing quicker, cleaner and more economical. Offset still holds a strong place in the commercial printing marketplace. If your large-run project requires specialty inks, unique stocks or oversize sheets, call us to discover what Hume can do for you.